At SLVC we offer a wide range of surgical options including:

• Routine Spays, Neuters
• Soft Tissue Procedures – elective and emergency lacerations and mass/lump removals
• Special surgeries including exploratory, cystotomy, splenectomy and more
• Orthopedic procedures utilizing a board-certified veterinary surgeon

Your pet’s safety is our primary concern during any anesthetic procedure.  Before undergoing any surgery, we will perform blood work to help detect potential health issues.  We use inject-able drugs and inhalant anesthetic gases that are safe for pets and customize protocols based on pet’s age and health status.  An IV catheter will be placed and IV fluids will be administered during the procedure.  Surgical patients are monitored during each procedure with pulse, respiratory, temperature, blood pressure, CO2, and cardiac monitors.

As part of our surgical protocol, pain management will be addressed.  Pets feel pain just like we do so we make sure to anticipate and treat pain with a protocol appropriate for your pet both during their hospital stay and at home.

Your pet will continue to be monitored during the recovery phase by members of the surgery team.  Once your pet is awake, a surgery team member will call you to schedule a discharge time for your pet.  At this appointment they will discuss home care needs and answer any questions you have.